Effortlessly create and track your inquiries in real-time. Experience seamless negotiations, all unified on a single screen for unmatched convenience. Enjoy direct communication and an organized message history for smoother, more efficient operations.


Access detailed port reports on the NEREUS platform, offering crucial insights into fuel availability, pricing trends, and local regulations for informed bunkering decisions at various global locations.


Effortless file keeping on NEREUS transforms the way you manage bunkering documents, making storage and retrieval simple and secure. Streamline your operations with digital record-keeping, ensuring all contracts, invoices, and communication logs are just a click away.


The Bunker Matrix simplifies the complexity of global fuel markets, making it an indispensable asset for efficient bunkering operations. Bunker Matrix, a pivotal feature of NEREUS, revolutionizes fuel price comparison across global ports, offering a comprehensive overview for strategic purchasing decisions.


Bunker Tasks in NEREUS streamline the operational aspect of marine fuel management, allowing for efficient tracking and execution of all bunkering-related activities. This feature provides a clear overview of upcoming, ongoing, and completed tasks, ensuring that every operation is completed timely and effectively


As a veteran in the maritime sector, I find NEREUS by Nereus Digital Bunkers to be a breath of fresh air. Its straightforward, efficient approach to bunker management has not only eased our workflow but also brought tangible cost benefits. It's the innovation our industry needed.



Frequently Asked Questions
What is NEREUS?

NEREUS is a state-of-the-art digital platform specifically crafted for marine fuel procurement. It integrates market intelligence, operational efficiency, and secure communication channels, offering a comprehensive solution for maritime fuel management.

How does NEREUS improve bunkering operations?

NEREUS enhances bunkering operations for purchasers by providing a comprehensive platform that combines real-time market data, streamlined inquiry management, and secure communication channels. This integration allows for more informed decision-making, efficient operations, and effective negotiations, leading to optimized procurement strategies and operational excellence in marine fuel management.

Can I track global fuel prices with Nereus?

With NEREUS, you can track global fuel prices effectively. The platform offers access to real-time pricing information across various ports worldwide, enabling you to make informed decisions about fuel purchases. This feature is particularly useful for strategic planning and budget management in marine fuel procurement.

Is NEREUS suitable for different types of vessels?

Yes, NEREUS is designed to be suitable for various types of vessels. It accommodates a range of vessel specifications and bunkering needs, offering flexible and adaptable tools for managing fuel procurement efficiently. This versatility makes it a valuable asset for diverse marine operations, ensuring all vessel types can optimize their bunkering strategies.

How does NEREUS ensure the security of my data?

NEREUS prioritizes the security of your data by implementing advanced security measures. The platform uses robust encryption protocols to protect communication and transaction data. Additionally, stringent data management practices ensure that your sensitive information is securely stored and handled, maintaining confidentiality and integrity in every aspect of the platform's operations. This comprehensive approach to security safeguards your data against unauthorized access and cyber threats.

Can I access NEREUS on mobile devices?

Yes, NEREUS is designed for accessibility on mobile devices. This feature ensures you have the flexibility to manage your bunkering operations and access important information while on the move, enhancing the overall usability and convenience of the platform for dynamic marine fuel management.

How does the inquiry management system work?

The inquiry management system on NEREUS allows for efficient handling of bunkering inquiries. It enables users to create, track, and manage inquiries from start to finish within the platform. This system streamlines the process, from initial request to final negotiation and agreement, ensuring all steps are organized and easily accessible. This functionality enhances operational efficiency and simplifies the decision-making process in marine fuel procurement.

What support does NEREUS offer?

NEREUS offers comprehensive support to ensure users can maximize the platform's capabilities. This includes dedicated customer service for technical assistance, training materials and tutorials for new users, and ongoing support for troubleshooting and queries. The aim is to provide a seamless experience, enabling users to efficiently manage their bunkering operations with expert assistance readily available.

How can I get started with NEREUS?

To get started with NEREUS, you typically need to register on the platform. This process involves creating an account, providing necessary business details, and setting up your user profile. Once registered, you can familiarize yourself with the dashboard, explore its various features, and begin managing your bunkering operations. For specific onboarding steps or additional assistance, it's advisable to contact the NEREUS support team or refer to their user guide and tutorials.

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