NEREUS Digital Bunkering Platform

A digital bunkering world, made for you.

I. Streamlined operations

Simplify your daily workflow, significantly reduce communication time, and centralise all crucial information on a single, intuitive platform.

II. Market advantage

Stay ahead with real-time market data, sharpen your negotiation edge, and make informed, timely decisions with comprehensive market insights.

III. Operational excellence

Achieve higher efficiency and productivity, enabling you to focus on strategic growth and client relations.

IV. Risk mitigation

Avoid costly miscalculations with precise data and analytics support, ensuring a safer operational environment.

Nereus is not just a platform; it's a movement.

A movement towards efficiency, transparency, and excellence.

A world where every feature, every tool, and every service is a

testament to innovation and quality.

Nereus platform for Purchasers

Gain operational and market advantage through cutting edge SaaS technology.

Nereus platform for Vendor

Increase your market exposure, find new clients and become an industry leader.


NEREUS Digital Bunkering Platform

A SaaS digital platform that provides efficiencies to both purchasers and vendors and optimizes bunkering operations.

Digital Inquiries

Automatically categorize active, and stemmed inquiries on a single screen. Full control over the process, from quotation to nomination.

Bunkering Data

Stay always up to date through instant, unlimited access to real time prices, oil price forecasting and historical market data.

Encrypted Messaging

Take advantage of the direct communication channels with all stakeholders in just one screen, with encryption that guarantees safety.

Bunker Calendar

An overview of past, pending and scheduled deliveries helps you minimize delays and reduce human error.


Organize your workload, maximize your efficiency and stay tuned and up to date with live news and real-time prices globally through the live interactive map.


reduction in workload


in negotiation effort

A disruptive platform that embeds in your bunkering operations.

Growth & Expansion

Stay up to date with market trends and gain market clarity at any given time.

Process Efficiency

Make informed decisions faster, avoid miscalculations and enjoy quick access to voyage bunker information.

Risk Minimization

Sharpen your negotiation edge, empower your position and mitigate your risk.

Operational Excellence

Streamlined procedures, communications and operational tasks from purchasing to on the ship.

Cost Monitoring & Control

Stay on top of your budget by easily monitoring your bunker budget exposure for all open inquiries.

Reduce Workload by 68%

Your performance is improved by reducing your workload management


Instant communication and guidance regarding the platform and/or resolve of technical issues.


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