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Trusted by global industry leaders.


Create your inquiries and monitor their progress. Negotiate with ease, on ONE screen, with direct, effortless communications and message history.


Real time prices for more than 220 port and access to historical market data. Because information is key.


Create your inquiry and negotiate with multiple vendors in ONE screen. Negotiations made easy with direct, effortless communications and message history.


Cost Reduction in Marine Fuel Procurement


Prediction Success Rate


Updates per Year

The most advanced marine fuel management solution

Nereus Platform combines real time and historical data, and organized, all-in-one place information to provide the most advanced marine fuel management solution and revolutionize the market.


All your documentation and files in one place. A single source of information and truth to support you in every decision and transaction.


Have a real-time chat with vendors and other interesting parties. BONUS: Encryption guarantees transaction safety.


Our automated, streamlined process grants you unlimited access to prices and lets you reach infinite vendors DIRECTLY. (Coming soon)


Avoid miscalculations, gain market insights and sharpen your negotiation edge in every single transaction.


Effortless Inquiries

Start a conversation with a simple inquiry and monitor its performance, validities, responses and rates all in one screen. Chat with vendors in a safe, encrypted space where you can share messages and documents.

  • Reduce complexity
  • Save time, cost and resources
  • Strengthen your negotiation edge

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Real - Time Data

The right information at the right time can make all the difference. Gain access to real-time data, historical data, and proceed to informed decisions backed by data and evidence, diligently and thoroughly collected for you.

Automated search and bunker indication for voyage planning and optimization

With Nereus Platform features you know where you stand in terms of -among others- fuel availability, as well as which port is best for you to purchase bunkers. Your inquiry will be highly informed and your risk significantly reduced.

Historical data (coming soon)

What was the price in your last purchase at specific ports, dates, quantities? What was your inventory at the time, what was the market price then and what are the market trends now? All the information you need, will soon be available in one, single platform.

One FREE hour of consultation on your operations plus FREE Feedback Report

Book a 45’ call for a walkthrough of your bunkering operational needs and find out how you can benefit from Nereus Platform.

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    One hour free consultation on your bunkering operations and feedback report

    We understand that all this is too much to digest. That is why, if you want, we can have a chat and guide you through our processes. This way, you will get one hour of consultation and feedback report, for free.


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